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Developers Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Logistics

Investments Funds/Private Investors

Real Estate Agencies and Brokers

Constructors and Project Managers

Banks and Financial Institutions Sector

Lawyers, Advisors, Consultants

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Site assessment (Legal, Technical, Geology, Environmental, Urbanism)

Permits, Conditions and Restrictions

Technical and Project Design

Urbanization (UC, PUD, PUZ, PUG, AC) and Permits

Health and Safety, Quality Assurance

Project Management and Cost Control

Utilities and Infrastructure, Road Access

Land and Site Acquisition

Economical and Commercial Feasibility

EPCM – Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management

Land Reclaim and Rehabilitation

Major Issues – Heritage Restrictions, Natura 2000

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Due Diligence - Any type of real estate project – Land, Buildings, Commercial Residential, Industrial

E2E Services – Technical, Legal, Urbanization, Architecture, Environment, Culture and Heritage, Project Management, Topography and Cadaster

Architecture and Engineering – Urbanism Planning, Landscaping, General Design, Value Engineering

Permitting – Planning, Drafting, Submission, Collection of Permits

Construction – Project Management, Construction Management, HSE and Quality Services, Topo Survey, Progress Monitoring

Due Diligence

Full Due Diligence Reports/Assessments covering:
  • Legal Status
  • Evaluation of legal restrictions regarding the investment development- easements, rights of way, etc.
  • Cadastral Register regime and history
  • Legal assistance for projects and investments
  • Assessment of technical condition – geotechnical studies, technical expertise
  • Assessment of road access, surface and sub-surface utilities infrastructure survey, available power and capacity
  • Assessment of the impact of the environmental regulation on the proposed project
  • Urbanistic regime analysis, urbanistic indicators
  • Assessment of project feasibility
  • Major issues

Architecture and Engineering

We Design and Permit any type of Development:

  • Drafting and Approval of Detailed, Zonal and General Urban Plan – PUD, PUZ, PUG

  • Landscaping Arrangement

  • General Design – Architecture, Structural, Services

  • Drafting of SF, DALI, PAC, PTE and Technical Assistance for Construction

  • Lawful Verification for Design Documents

  • Value Engineering


We Obtain all Permits for any type of Projects:

  • Permitting planning for required endorsements and permits for development

  • Drafting of the documentations, submission, follow-up and collection of the required permits

  • Urbanism Certificate

  • Environmental Studies and Permits

  • Utilities Access Permits

  • Archeological Discharge

  • Construction Permit

  • Operation Permit


We perform for you:

  • Project Management

  • Construction/Site Management

  • Health, Safety and Environment Services

  • Quality Check/Assurance

  • Topographical Survey for Construction

  • Owner’s Representative Services

  • Progress Monitoring/Peer Review Services

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